The National Aphasia Association
The National Aphasia Association (NAA) is dedicated to improving the lives of people with aphasia. Click on the logo to go to the NAA website, and get information, resource suggestions, or connect with others across the country..
The Adler Aphasia Center
The Adler Aphasia Center opened in northern New Jersey in July of 2003. Its presence is a welcome addition for all those with aphasia. Click on the logo to learn about its programs and services.
Triangle Aphasia Project
The Triangle Aphasia Project is located in North Carolina. A non-profit organization, it provides opportunities for people with aphasia to engage in life participation efforts, promotes public awareness, and engages in aphasia research. Click on the logo to view the website.
Innovative Speech Therapy
Click on this logo to discover more about a practice in Maryland offering both computerized instruction in aphasia therapy for clients with aphasia, and information about how to interface with technology , for both clients and professionals.
The Aphasia Center of California
The Aphasia Center of California has championed LPAA in the United States with its conversational groups, projects, and the aphasia book clubs now growing across the country. Click on the logo to go to the website.
Connect is an aphasia center and network in London and other English cities, which provides a wide range of services to people with aphasia, communication partners, and professionals. It is truly a life participation model toward which we strive. Click on the picture to see the website, which is aphasia-friendly.
The Aphasia Institute
Aura Kagan's work in Life Participation is embodied in the Aphasia Institute of greater Ontario. Log on to the website to learn more about it.
InteRACT offers a four-week intensive aphasia residential program in Halifax, Nova Scotia. People with aphasia participate with a communicative partner. Click on the icon to view the website and learn more about the program.
Interact: Residential Aphasia Program
UMAP: University of Michigan Aphasia Program
The University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) offers intensive aphasia interventions.  Click on the icon for the website, and learn more.
A stroke center in Virginia offering group, individual, and computer assisted services to people with aphasia and their families.  Click on the logo to view the website.
Stroke Comeback Center
Aphasia Hope
The Aphasia Hope Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing information about treatment, information, and resources for people with aphasia.  Click on the logo to go to the website.
Aphasia NYC
Aphasia NYC's goal is to empower people affected by aphasia to access and negotiate the services and opportunities they need for a better life.  Click on the picture at left to go to their website.  Read the blog, play aphasia and cognitive games, learn about the accomplishments of people with aphasia.
The Aphasia Center of West Texas, founded in 2002, offers a wide variety of
life participation classes, book club, computer labs, support groups and
education to those coping with aphasia. Click on the logo to view website
and videos. 

Aphasia Center of West Texas