Speaking of Aphasia is an affiliate of the National Aphasia Association and Aphasia Access. 

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Speaking of Aphasia Awarded Program of the Year at NJSHA, 2007
Marilyn and Shirley
New Jersey Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention
Speaking of Aphasia received the 2007 Program of the Year Award from the New Jersey Speech-Language Hearing Association. "This award recognizes innovative and creative programming in speech-language pathology and audiology or related areas that advances the practice of our professions, advances professional education, or enhances the effectiveness of provision of service." We are grateful for this honor, and hope to fulfill the expectations for excellence it demands. Click below to read articles about our work and the award, published in the Morris Record and the Montclair Times.
The Morris Record
Program of the Year Award Articles
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Montclair Times Article

In October 2004, Shirley and Marilyn joined Dr. Mary Boyle of Montclair State University in presenting their approaches to improved functional language performance in aphasia. Dr. Boyle discussed discourse improvement with Semantic Feature Analysis, following an overview of model-based treatment approaches delivered by Shirley and Marilyn.

Montclair State Conference Photos
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Early in 2004, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Leader magazine instituted a new feature, called, "First Person on the Last Page". They invited submissions from readers to share "a defining moment" in the course of their professional careers. Here is "For Helen", published in March of 2004.

Speaking of Aphasia has presented at the National Conference of the American Speech-Language Association, as well as state conferences in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Mississippi, and other East Coast states.  If you are seeking a presentation, click on our courses page.