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Whether you are a person with aphasia, a communication partner, or a professional seeking to enhance your knowledge, we can consult with you.

Your Aphasia Program



For People With Aphasia and Their Partners


Shirley Morganstein is a certified speech-language pathologist, licensed in New York and New Jersey.  Her consultative services may help you:

  • better understand your aphasia, and how you can impact it
  • define what is important to you
  • chooseopportunities that meet your needs
  • cope with persisting aphasia
  • meet others travelling the same road
  • reconnect with the communicative world

How We Can Help:

  • Education
  • Referral
  • Program Planning with therapy providers
  • Consultation for businesses or organizations


Interested in learning more about our programs and services?  Click on the photo of Shirley to create an email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Shirley Morganstein
Continuing Education
For Professionals

For Professionals:

Marilyn Certner Smith, co-founder of Speaking of Aphasia and Shirley have developed techniques for stimulating language in people with aphasia. They have shared these techniques with other speech-language pathologists at state and national conventions in five states, as well as various hospitals in the greater NY/NJ area. They revised a therapy workbook which enjoyed considerable popularity with therapists: Thematic Language Stimulation. TLS is now available for purchase on the Products page of this website.

Marilyn and Shirley have also partnered in writing articles and chapters, and as invited speakers and presenters for both full day courses and specialized lectures on aphasia. Please visit the scrapbook page for more information about those courses. If you would like to host a presentation, let us know by filling out the form below.

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