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What is Aphasia?
Aphasia results from stroke or other brain insult. People with aphasia are affected in speaking, understanding the speech of others, reading the printed word, and writing. Living with aphasia means adapting to changes in communication function. The resulting impact on human action and interaction may be profound.

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Speaking of Aphasia, LLC is committed to therapy via specialized treatment techniques, education, training, and counseling - all in the service of people with aphasia, and their partners.  Speaking of Aphasia is an aphasia therapy practice grounded in a "life participation approach."  We believe that people with aphasia can get back into life even as they are recovering. Keeping the future on hold makes it harder to live in the present. Our focus is on improving the quality of communication, so that people with aphasia can have a better quality of life. We are dedicated to aphasia therapy techniques that help people move forward, but also permit the best possible function in the present. We also believe that communication partners, professionals, and the community can benefit from education, so that living with aphasia is easier for everyone. Speaking of Aphasia is also able to service people with other speech-language concerns; feel free to call or email with any questions.

427 Bloomfield Ave MONTCLAIR New Jersey 07042 USA